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January 23 2018

Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Manufactory Ltd. is a established L & D, manufacturing in addition to sales as one particular of specialized electronic making solutions service provider. Owned business is located in 3d land, sea and atmosphere transport network is produced for Shenzhen Fuyong Community, has a professional digital developing engineering experience staff regarding engineers.
SMTfly generally for: around mobile telephone, computer peripherals, car electronic devices, LED lighting as well as show, household appliances, plug and also wire, electronic safety, toys and games and other industries, to offer professional manufacturing solutions: PCB Depaneling, PCB Separator, PCB Punching Machine, PCB Course-plotting Machine and so in.
Our factory Chuangwei will be located in the planet of transportation ease are usually in Changan City, Dongguan town. Founded in Oct 2004, has a skilled products design and development connection with Mechanical Engineer workforce. Allow the world's electronic goods far better and faster to be able to buyers.

pcb depaneling, multi-blade pcb depaneling, led pcba depaneling, v-cut pcb depaneling unit

pcb depaneling, multi-blade pcb depaneling, led pcba depaneling, v-cut pcb depaneling appliance
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